To establish a social website that will engage youths daily in Christian Principles to empower them and remind them of the challenges faced in the adolescence and early adulthood stages of life.

There are real dangers for the youth because they are targeted by evil snares and are constantly under pressure to make decisions that would have life-long consequences. The youth should have a Vibrant and Meaningful life guided by faith-based Principles to help them make a rewarding contribution to the world they live in by upholding their moral values, Integrity and Productivity .

Ultimately there should be a difference in the lives of of the youth who will be engaged in this site as they communicate, share and learn with their peers on an ever-growing network of friendship and committed christian men and women full of experiences and concern for young people.

  • New thoughts will be posted on a regular basis
  • Prayer requests can be made publicly on the discussion forum or via the social media conduit (Facebook or Twitter)
  • Private questions, Prayer Requests or Counsel can be forwarded to any of our dedicated Christian Counselors on the Personal Query page.
  • To find a discussion on a particular topic, do a custom search

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