The God of Daniel

Then the king Nebuchadnezzar fell upon his face, and worshipped Daniel, and commanded that they should offer an oblation and sweet odours unto him. Daniel 2:46
I have learned many things in the book of Daniel but for some unknown reason the above text has escaped my attention until I few days ago. Daniel 2:46-49 is amazing especially the part – ..the king fell on his face and worshipped Daniel. It is difficult to imagine and visualize the king on his face on the floor before a man he had taken captive. That reveals the kind of fear that came upon him on recognizing the presence of God in Daniel. The book Christian Education by Ellen White says, “Daniel ever kept before him the glory of God..”. This could simply mean that in interpreting dreams or in providing counsel to the king, even in denying their Idol worship, Daniel placed his God before them. They could see the God of Daniel all the time.

I asked myself, how often have I revealed my God to he people I meet, to my colleagues at work, to fellow believers, to my neighbor in my daily living? How exposed is my God? I could find no satisfying answer because I am full of selfishness, and other sins. I spend less time with God so I do not have the glory of God shinning on me as did with Moses for being with God. Daniel spent much time with God, he prayed 3 times a day, Daniel 6:10. This is the account of those who saw him but I believe Daniel’s life was a prayer life. Working, talking, walking prayer life. This was said of Daniel and his companion; “Praying constantly, studying faithfully, keeping in touch with the Unseen, they walked with God as did Enoch.” – Royalty and Ruin p.172
It appears that everything that took place around Daniel and his friends was a test of their commitment to their God and every time they stood firm they affirmed the sovereignty of their God before the foreign masters. No wonder the King acknowledges and worshipped the God of Daniel and orders others to do the same. We stand as Daniel did we would become effective in evangelizing. There will be no doubt about our God, people will revere Him because they have truly seen Him. What are we doing that leaves people we meet wondering about our faith? That is what needs to be addressed in our lives. Christ should be seen upfront and remain so.
It will be great when one soul would bow in worship of my God because of my life.