The youth today spend much of their time on the Internet where they are connecting with friends on social media platforms, studying or on the negative side, peeking and exploring sites that are not building or uplifting in any way.

This project seeks to introduce and engage youth in an attempt to bring a constant reminder of the moral values in a Christian based approach.

Introducing a site where youth can find simple but appealing moral principles for day to day living; to help them overcome the challenges of life and enable them make sound decisions.

Thank you for reading and discussing matters posted in here. You will be blessed by reading the posts on this blog regularly.

Alvin Eliamani


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5 thoughts on “About

  1. I am moved to sing out the song ‘people need the Lord.’ In times like these when things seem to go out of hand, indeed we need the Lord. I trust and believe that we will keep in the middle of the road to the end. Faithfulness to the end is our calling and mission! Wishing you all a Happy Sabbath and a Blessed weekend!

  2. This is a noble undertaking we hope many will be blessed through this blog.
    Knowing Jesus is indeed an important step in life. Many have not recognized that hence the struggles of life with our nothing-ness.

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