But Martha was distracted by her many tasks, and she came up and asked, “Lord, don’t You care that my sister has left me to serve alone? So tell her to give me a hand.” Luke 10:40 (HCSB)
Today, while in the middle of prayer with several other people on a circle, I hear a click on the door and, I opened my eyes to see who could be walking in while we were in the middle of prayer. Immediately I felt guilty that my mind had been easily disrupted by a small thing as a door opening. Was my mind fully on prayer? May be not a 100%. What I know is that I am easily disturbed and distracted by small things which are really not worth being concerned about. Things like people talking and whispering in church, time wasted waiting for program to begin, unattended child playing with keys or knocking the chairs with an object. I find such difficult to ignore. Such interfere with my worship spirit. unfortunately, such elements are constantly happening around us, so unless I learn to overcome them I will remain a victim of such disruptions in life. 
Those things should not happen in a place of worship, they are inappropriate based on my childhood upbringing. The unfortunate thing is that, others did not have the same upbringing as I did and to them such are not big deal. 

The spirit of Martha was inclined into serving the master and provide the necessary services to the master, but in being concerned with those essential services she had not realized that there are other concerns of eternal value, her sister Mary was seeking was of eternal value. In her writing, Ellen White states that, “One thing” that Martha needed was a calm, devotional spirit, a deeper anxiety for knowledge concerning the future, immortal life, and the graces necessary for spiritual advancement. She needed less anxiety for the things which pass away, and more for those things which endure forever..” DG 58
I do believe that Martha’s spirit was not wrong in itself, but it was not enough on its own. She had desire to do good, but was that enough? Obviously no. We must remain charged and connected to the source of strength. That good spirit she had need to be steered by the nurture and strength found at the feet of Jesus. Just as we need to feed on physical food as well as the spiritual food; just as we need a balanced growth- mental physical and spiritual, we need a spiritual boost from God as we minister to others and share what we have received. 

“All who work for God should have the Martha and the Mary attributes blended,—a willingness to minister, and a sincere love of the truth…” – E.G.White Christian Service p. 27


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