No Hiding Place

For His eyes watch over a man’s ways, and He observes all his steps. There is no darkness, no deep darkness, where evildoers can hide themselves. Job 34:21-22
This is what Megan Walker states as reasons why people hide.
1. Shame – either because they’re ashamed of some thing(s) they’ve done or somewhere along the way, they learned to be ashamed of who they are for some reason and cannot bear for their shame to be known.
2. Fear – of being vulnerable and having it used against them, of being punished, of appearing weak or flawed, of losing the good opinion of others, of not being accepted, etc.
3. Manipulation – they want to appear to be one way for some ulterior motive; to gain favor or trust from someone who otherwise wouldn’t be accommodating if their “true self” was known or the like.

As I looked at the above reasons I saw the following: hiding is the natural reaction to any shameful, unacceptable act. Even a child will hide once have committed something wrong. It has come in due to sin; hence the reality of separation, the consequence of sin. This is also the Devil’s tool to keep us away from the source of true recovery or restoration. The only source of true strength and confidence, Jesus Christ. Hiding is keeping away from facing the reality of our action. We either hide ourselves or our acts. That is where lies come in.

Jonah ran away from God, Instead of going to Nineveh as sent by God he took off to Tarshish. Not only did he take a different route but he also took the bottom chamber in the ship to hide himself from God. He thought of hiding from God as far as humanly possible. The trouble was, he temporarily forgot who God is. I would think this was temporarily blinding by his rebellious intention to avoid the mission given to him. He was soon reminded that was not possible with God. Then he was quick to explain to the rest that he has ran away from God.
Adam and Eve hid themselves after committing sin, I do not know what they were hoping their hiding would accomplish. But as they heard God coming they were quick to hide, they soon learned that the solution was in being exposed to the God who removed the shame by providing a temporary cover for them but also the permanent cover for sin as a solution for the entire humanity.

“Can a man hide himself in secret places where I cannot see him?” — the Lord’s declaration. “Do I not fill the heavens and the earth?” — the Lord’s declaration. Jeremiah 23:24 (HCSB). The devil is cunning and in being so, he has made us fallen beings to think we have a hiding places in privacy and in darkness. Evil acts prefer the environment of darkness and privacy. They function better in dark alleys and underground chambers; evil plans are made in dimmed lights and meetings are called in high level secrecy, no wonder we have phrases such as “Top Secret”, “classified information”, “undisclosed location” among others describing what goes on there. Just think of all kinds of sins and where they take place. Theft, adultery, killings, drug deals, corrupt deals, pornography, terrible rock and other music concerts, and many other evils in this world taking place in similar conditions. They are all seen and known by God even as they are conceived in their hearts before actual committing God has seen then.

Best way to remain exposed to God by laying all that is in us before Him and surrender our will to His leading.

Eliamani A.


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