Lodged Vanity

For there are many unruly and vain talkers and deceivers, specially they of the circumcision: (Titus 1:10 [KJV])tape

Go into the city streets you will find groups of people in some regular spots seated and talking and argue about everything. They talk about what the governments is doing, about politics and politicians, about who said what, about sports and entertainment, about current affairs in their community or their surroundings. They seem to know it all and appear to be jobless as well. They are vain talkers. They like it when many people are listening, so their talk is not private, it is public. A few talk throughout while passerby would be attracted to their loud talks and arguments and stick around for a while to listed, eventually will proceed to their work leaving the core group talking, but some would pass by regularly that way to get the trending updates. They get their satisfaction in idle talks.

Let no man deceive you with vain words: for because of these things cometh the wrath of God upon the children of disobedience. (Eph 5:6 [KJV])

We do not need to go far to find trouble, rebellion and sin; it is right within our circles of life. Especially the sin of unclean lips, it has occupied much of the Christians lifestyle. Much time is spent in idle words, complaining about everything, blaming others, defining others, rumor mongering and backbiting. There are many Christian whose friendship is based on talks about others and there are many whose friendships have been destroyed by such idle talks. Every time they communicate, their agenda is other people. It is not possible to talk good of other people all the time especially if you have majored on others!

Someone sent this following humorous thought that I liked on Whatsapp social media. It reflects on the power of the tongue.

   Teeth said to Tongue: “If I just press you little, you will get cut.”

   Tongue replied: “If I misuse one word, all 32 of you will come out.” 

The scripture confirms that idle talk was there in the past as it happens today among those who consider themselves Christians. Note that, the scripture identifies them as circumcised. These are people who considered themselves God’s chosen people, special people, Christians; yet do not have control over their tongue. There will be accountability even in our daily talks.

“Opposite each name in the books of heaven is entered with terrible exactness every wrong word, every selfish act, every unfulfilled duty, and every secret sin. . . .”  {Lift Him Up p.327} 

It is through vain words that the children of Israel wandered in wilderness for many years, it is through the same, nations have gone to war; marriages and friendship ended, and even many death caused. It has caused many to be discouraged and forsake God. Vain words are simply devil’s weapon in the great controversy and it has done and still doing its share of damage.

God can take total control of surrendered lives; that is the only way we can be over comers.

Eliamani A.


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