So if we are God’s children, we shouldn’t think that the divine being is like gold, silver, or stone, or is an image carved by humans using their own imagination and skill. (Acts 17:29 [ISV])

According to Hindu scriptures, there are 320 Million gods; some Hindus say there is one god with 320 million forms.

Even the counting of those gods is by itself the evidence of wild human imagination.  Human beings are fond of imagining things and that is understandable, after all we exist with lots of limitations especially in the divine things. Our imagination is also partly manifests itself through our sinful ego. Human beings have even imagined they can figure out everything and be able to explain it scientifically, philosophically or otherwise.

No wonder we come up with silly imaginations that on a second thought they are dumb and sheer stupidity. Imagine what people have considered gods in this world and you will wonder what they divine quality have they seen in such objects. An animal, plants, rocks, etc.

The unfortunate thing is that our imaginations are corrupt with sin and are loaded with self interests and interpretations. “The difficulty lies solely in the weakness and narrowness of the human mind. God has given us in the Scriptures sufficient evidence of their divine character, and we are not to doubt His Word  because we cannot understand all the mysteries of His providence.”–SC 106, 107 (1892). God is not a concept or object of analysis, let alone by human beings, God’s creation. How can an animal or plant understand its creator. Their existence is their beginning point, before that, anything is a mystery except that which is reveled to us by God himself.

The good news however is, we can obtain much knowledge of God if committed to his leading and opened to his teaching and his interpretation.  “The Word of God, like the character of its divine Author, presents mysteries that can never be fully comprehended by finite beings. . . .  – The Faith I Live By p. 14. We shall continue to learn of God throughout eternity. That will be the privilege of those who have humbly committed to the understanding of God, and through faith in Him. Desire to truly know Him as my God and a close companionship with Him would be the way to unfold the eternal mystery.

There is no need for guesswork we have enough revelation of who God is and soon we shall be able to be with him and learn of HIM. O the depth of the riches both of the wisdom and knowledge of God! how unsearchable [are] his judgments, and his ways past finding out!” (Rom 11:33 [KJV])

A. Eliamani


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