He delivered us from such a deadly peril, and he will deliver us. On him we have set our hope that he will deliver us again. 2 Corinthians 1:10-11
A deliverer is needed in all aspects of life in the world of today. In games for example, there are those who are considered team deliverers; they have better skills and abilities that the teams depend upon to achieve victories. Great sums of money is paid to purchase such players in order to deliver teams to victory. In some cases a good coach can be a deliverer. That is a the wordly perception of deliverers, a hero or heroine. In the army there is a captain, one who will be looked upon to make right decisions that will bring victory and prevent casualties among the regiment. He is a entrusted with the work of delivering his troops. To have reached that point of responsibility he has earned the trust and confidence of his superiors but more so of the troops he commands.
Paul and his companion are in the troop led by God and is expressing his confidence in God’s ability to deliver him by saying; ‘On him we have set our hope’. He has experiences that have build his faith and trust in the his captain, his deliverer. ‘He delivered us from such a deadly peril’. Paul has a testimony, a reason he can give on why he has such confidence in God’s deliverence. He speaks of his deliverer with sheer boldness and assurance saying, ‘He delivered us from such a deadly peril’ ..and he will deliver us.. he will deliver us again’. In one text, he repeatedly declared his companion’s and his own total allegiance and submission to the master deliverer. In his few words capture in the main text, you can seen nothing less of assurance, faith and total surrender.
The following is said of Martin Luther in the book Great Controversy chap. 88 p.157 , “In his utter helplessness his faith fastened upon Christ, the mighty deliverer. He was strengthened with the assurance that he would not appear alone before the council. Peace returned to his soul, and he rejoiced that he was permitted to uplift the Word of God before the rulers of the nation.”
Who is your deliverer? Is that deliverer able to handle all situations? Does he know your future? Can he hold that future? Is he eternal? Do not settle for anything less. Jesus delivered us already from the adversary the devil, all that is needed of us, is to fully trust in him and total submission; in him deliverance (eternal life) is insured.

By A. Eliamani


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