Lord of All

For there is no distinction between Jew and Greek:for the same Lord is Lord of all, and is rich unto all that call upon him. Romans 10:12 (ASV)

It will be naive to think that living in 21st century, the age of enlightenment, people know better than to discriminate especially along racial line. Discrimination is real today and more advanced in its application than past centuries. While studying in India, it was common to be called an African Monkey on the streets, that would not be a compliment or ignorance by any standards. Discrimination is based on self-centeredness. It is about me being better than you and so I let you know that. Ignorance plays an important role in this as well. Upon knowing the value of each individual in the sight of God can change this condition in us.

Access to the kingdom of God has only one filter, those who will become part of it will be filtered through it; Faith in the son of God, Jesus Christ as Lord and savior. This filter is universal it has no clusters and classes, it knows no boundaries and limitations. While diversity was meant to be used for God’s glory it has instead been used by the devil to dishonor God. He has used the diverse cultural backgrounds, ethnicity, tribes, color, education levels, gender etc. to divide people whose origin is one, whose creator is one, whose existence is from one God of the universe.

When Adam said ‘it is the woman’ he began that discrimination. Our differences have become the bases for our judgment, for the way we treat others, the reasons for giving or withholding favors. You are given grades in schools based on this factor, you get served in a public office on the basis of this factor, you are denied services or granted services including aid based on this factor, you get elected based on this very factor. So the world sees you and I through the filter installed in us by the devil, which is discriminative in nature.

Matthew 28:19 (ASV) “Go ye therefore, and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them into the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” This great commission captures well this inclusiveness of God. no where do we see God divide people instead God considers such discriminatory acts as opposing force. So as the will of God is expressed by his messengers should not be limited, it should target all peoples. God’s love is not colored or having classifications. “Slavery, the caste system, unjust racial prejudices, the oppression of the poor, the neglect of the unfortunate,—these all are set forth as unchristian and a serious menace to the well-being of the human race, and as evils which the church of Christ is appointed by her Lord to overthrow.” – {Life Sketches of E.G.White p.473}

There are only two classes; unbelievers and believers, obedient to God and the disobedient, faithful and the unfaithful, goats and sheep, husk and pure wheat, saints and sinners that is God’s filter. – By A. Eliamani

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