And he reasoned in the synagogue every Sabbath, and tried to persuade Jews and Greeks. Acts 18:4

The great commission is for all who believe in salvation in Christ Jesus to be told to all people that they may not be lost but have eternal life. It is a task of passing to others the good news of life we have received. It is about sharing the message of hope to those who are yet to know of it. So would it be enough to stand on the cross roads and shout the message of hope and leave it at that? Is it enough to tell someone God loves you, or Jesus died for you, or salvation is found in Jesus Christ and walk away leaving the person to think and decide?

Many people in the world have already heard of Jesus. That name may be the most famous name on earth but why is it that we do not have as many following Christ? Why is it that some accept Christ and join the church and later leaves? There is a need for a different approach. I am not sure we are doing enough to make these people understand the good news we have found. It is as if we are evangelizing as a matter of formality; because it is required of us to spread the gospel and we find ourselves among brethren who are obliged to do so.

Paul evangelized with passion. He told them the truth of what Christ did for them, he gave testimonies what that salvation meant in his life and his relationship with God, he “reasoned with them from the scriptures” (Acts 17:2 ESV) as they raised questions and doubts, finally he persuaded them to accept Christ and be baptized. To change their life style and live with a purpose. He persuaded them to try Christ and find the joy of leaving and purpose in life; that takes reasoning and persuasion. And some of them were persuaded and joined Paul and Silas, as did a great many of the devout Greeks and not a few of the leading women. (Acts 17:4 ESV)

We cannot rush with the message of hope and dump it on them and expect them to digest it and accept it. No wonder we are better evangelists by life style and our acts of genuine love for other. Such are easy to accept and understand and they do not happen at one incident, such true Christian acts are a silent persuader.

‘Thus Christ has promised to guide, comfort, and sustain his people. He declares, “I will be with you in your work of persuading men and woman to be my disciples.”’ {RH, May 5, 1903 par. 2}

-By A. Eliamani

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