Therefore, submit to God. But resist the Devil, and he will flee from you. James 4:7

What is submission? May at times sound like giving up or result of being overpowered or state of helpless or lacking the ability to stand up against an opposing force? Or is it may be, letting go of struggles, egos, self wills? Dictionary.Com define submission as Submissive conduct or attitude among other definitions. Submission or surrender is more of an attitude than an act. It is done when there is no more self inner struggles and conflicts within us. When we have confidently identified the source of power and are resolved to commit to such power.
Submission is done in various ways; as we worship God we display our submission to him. Worshiping God is expected of all faithful followers of God. It is a demonstration of allegiance and submission to deity. John Calvin describes spiritual submission in a following manner; “He who comes into the presence of God to pray must divest himself of all vainglorious thoughts, lay aside all idea of worth; in short, discard all self-confidence, humbly giving God the whole glory, lest by abrogating anything, however little, to himself, vain pride cause him to turn away his face.” -(Of Prayer)
Victory comes from submission or surrender to God’s leading. With God we can overcome sin in our lives. We can resist when in Christ. We have no strength to overcome the evil in our lives unless we submit to God, the source of strength. Submission comes voluntarily, it is not coerced on anyone. We need to give up our efforts and struggles. We need to acknowledge our weaknesses and surrender them to God. the first step is to surrender. I use the term ‘surrender‘ in place of ‘submit‘ understanding them to be synonymous while applying to spiritual matters.
Satan will flee from us when he finds God in control of our lives. Without him we can not scare away the devil. We then remain vulnerable to his manipulation and control, We will do as he directs us. We shall be dancing his tune all the time. “The strongest and noblest characters are built on the foundation of patience, love, and submission to God’s will.” – E. G. White {Acts of Apostles p.319}
By A. Eliamani


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