No Chance!

When his disciples heard it, they were exceedingly amazed, saying, Who then can be saved? Matthew 19:25
I heard friends saying if mr. X would not be saved in God’s kingdom them we stand no chance. These friends measured themselves against the spiritual standards of another and made their conclusion. Well, trying to measure ourselves or compare our spiritual standards against others is always a mistake because there is much we do not know about others. There has been a lot of surprises when the truth about certain people become public, revealing the dark side of him or her. People would then remark ‘so this is the kind of person he was? A pretender all this while?’
What are my chances of being saved in God’s Kingdom? This personal question is so valid to all who value their lives and would like to make good use of it. This question is good for those who intended to re-evaluate their goals and ambitions in life. You can say in other terms ‘taking stock’ of ones own life.
The rich young ruler thought of himself as a ready and ripen candidate for heaven, he only needed acknowledgment and approval, or so he thought. Disciples also considered the rich young ruler a ready for heaven candidate, little did he know and little did they know there was something amiss in his life.“This ruler had a high estimate of his own righteousness. He did not really suppose that he was defective in anything, yet he was not altogether satisfied.” {A Call to Stand Apart p.14}
Many people today live a double life style. The public life and private life. The general population would not know what goes on in his private life. The public personality is different from that of home and other private places. That would be hypocrisy and pretence. Our lives are not about what people think of us, it is about our relationship with God who knows all our lives in private and public; he is interested in us. Why is do we live this way? Could it be that we are embarrassed of what we do we do not want our friends, our acquaintances to know the things we do and that is because we know they are not good.
People are always proud of good things and would like all to know such deeds, the wrong things are on the other hand embarrassment and since we cannot stop them easily we would rather hide them. Others should not know some of them even our spouses should not get to know. One biblical example of one who demonstrated a double life standard is Judas the betrayer. He conspired against his master Jesus, even fellow disciples did not know what he was about to do but Jesus knew. He extended a hand to save Judas by letting him know that he knows so that he can repent and change but he was too proud and greedy to let go of the 30 pieces of silver. You ask, who then can be saved? You can.
“Deceit, falsehood, and unfaithfulness may be glossed over and hidden from the eyes of man, but not from the eyes of God.”
CG p.152

By A. Eliamani


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