And even if our gospel is veiled, it is veiled in them that perish: in whom the god of this world hath blinded the minds of the unbelieving, that the light of the gospel of the glory of Christ, who is the image of God, should not dawn upon them. 2 Corinthians 4:3-4
When Jesus restored sight to the blind he restored more than a physical sight to those who received the healing. It has been the mission of God to restore people in totality so it would not be to the heaven’s interest to restore mankind partially. The physical blindness is not the only problem than need restoration in an individual, there is also spiritual blindness this has a master whose intention is to keep people blind of the way to life so that they will perish with him. Just imagine what it takes to have a blind benefit from the word of God in non developed parts of the world. Physical sight for such would as a first step of liberation from the spiritual darkness.
As the blind received their sight and beheld Jesus theirs was a vision of life give, a redeemer and a liberator. Although spiritual things are discerned through spiritual vision, yet the physical blindness play an important role in impairing the spiritual vision thus it requires a liberator, one who can bring freedom from that grip to evade destruction. “Millions in bondage to sin, slaves of Satan, doomed to suffer the second death, would refuse to listen to the words of truth in their day of visitation. Terrible blindness! strange infatuation!” – E. G. White {Great Controversy 22.2}
There exists physical and spiritual blindness and it did not matter what kind was it that inflicted people in the times of Jesus, his mission was to liberate and restore. he labored against odds to reach both the blind physically and the spiritually blind in the streets in royal places and even in the temple. He sought to make known the truth of the kingdom of God by clearing the blinding elements from peoples’ lives and even the blinding elements found in their system, their laws and their interpretation of God’s word. “The many contradictory opinions in regard to what the Bible teaches do not arise from any obscurity in the book itself, but from blindness and prejudice on the part of interpreters. Men ignore the plain statements of the Bible to follow their own perverted reason.” -E. G. White, The Review and Herald, January 27, 1885

Physical blindness is easily recognizable and the blind accept their conditions and would remotely desire to be made whole again however, spiritual blindness is hard for them that are blind to accept their condition and that it requires healing and restoration thus, it does not harbor that inner desire to be made well . Men and women Christians or otherwise are in constant denial of its spiritual blindness. After all if you are blind can can you see yourself! The passage below describe our state today and we need to accept it and seek restoration. ‘The god of this world is keeping many blinded’ Let us not remain there it will not be good for us.

“Men in their blindness boast of wonderful progress and enlightenment; but to the eye of Omniscience are revealed the inward guilt and depravity. The heavenly watchers see the earth filled with violence and crime. Wealth is obtained by every species of robbery, not robbery of men only, but of God. Men are using His means to gratify their selfishness. Everything they can grasp is made to minister to their greed. Avarice and sensuality prevail. Men cherish the attributes of the first great deceiver. They have accepted him as God, and have become imbued with his spirit.” – E. G. White {Testimonies vol. 6 p.14}

By A. Eliamani


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