To have respect of persons [is] not good: for for a piece of bread [that] man will transgress. (Prov 28:21 [KJV])

Corruption is so rampant even in the christian church today. I have witnessed individuals who would literally appear to be puppets of other manipulative individuals, even church leaders. You find someone employed, has a job and job description, but much of his time is spent in running errands for others. They cannot say no I am busy I need to finish my job, they would instead leave their work and fulfill the requirement given by those individuals. They spend much of their time running petty errands on behalf of their ‘bosses’.

Often such enslaved individuals feel obligated to do so because may be, they perceive their employment to have been possible because of those ‘bosses’.  This kind of situation is repeated in so many different ways in so many different places, in in schools in employments, in communities etc. In some cases the ‘bosses’ would demand that kind of respect and submission while others become abused this way because they have expressed their submission in some way and the ‘bosses’ take advantage of the situation to exploit. The most dangerous thing about such cases is that even when the errands are inappropriate or morally questionable they would not have the nerve to say NO.

Watch out for gifts, they have a way of binding individuals to unsuspected favor. It will be hard to be objective as a leader to wards individuals who are manipulative through gifts. I am not discouraging giving gifts or receiving gifts but i am giving a caution over such trends because it could become manipulation. By receiving gifts you could become corrupt. Denominations of all kinds have used aid in the form of food, clothes shoes etc to the people of some unentered  communities so that these natives would attend their churches or become their members. So introducing another faith in such a place is difficult if you have nothing to give. This is the spirit behind this study. To make us aware that there is a way of manipulating people through receiving and giving that could make people enslaved and become used of other to achieve their own will.

God wants us to make right choices right decisions without being manipulated or coerced by others. It is an import part of our make up -‘the will power’. “We are in a day when iniquity abounds. There are those who have but little moral sense; self-pollution has been practiced, and the moral powers are benumbed. Such have no just sense of holiness or purity. They are corrupt, and will corrupt others. Miserable wrecks of humanity are everywhere. Some put on a religious garb; but the soul is defiled, and they corrupt other minds. They call evil good, and good evil.” Manuscript Releases Vol.8, p.300

Be vigilant and alert of such individuals who would want to use others. Exercise your will power positively in making your daily decisions in honor of God.

 By A. Eliamani




  1. Accepting gifts carelessly could lead one into compromise with the values and standards of God. once received there comes sense of obligation. Gifts seem to suggest that there are strings attached after all.

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