Good Seed and Bad Seeds

There are bad and good seeds. Serious farmers have to choose their seeds well in order to expect good harvest at the end of the season. There is no time for trying because it could mean a whole year of hunger or poor income or both. Recovering from such situation is not easy. There will be time wasted, resources wasted, and the list does not end here.
God has made us stewards in his farm to administer hope to the hopeless world and doing that faithfully and making a difference to the world, is a way of planting good seeds. The ultimate result would be saved souls to eternal life. A bad seed is that which repel people from the hope and life and while good seed draws people to God, the bad seed will keep them away from God. It will cause temporary blindness so that instead of seeing the way they see darkness, where they should see hope they see waste of time to follow Christ. The so-called Christians who plant such seeds are in fact agents of Satan.
“There are those in responsible positions who, by their words and actions, sow seeds of doubt and unbelief. These seeds are called tares by our Lord; and those who sow it are under the guidance of evil angels. They are at work both openly and secretly, seeking to counteract the work which God has appointed his divine agencies to perform through human agencies.” E. G. White (Letter 87, 1896, p. 6 (August 25, 1896, to O. A. Olsen).
We ought to leave the people we meet in our daily living desiring to know the God we serve not wondering the kind of people we are that they should at all costs avoid. People are looking for good things, good news, word of hope and encouragement, a reason to move on with life the little time we shall be blessed to have with them should be God-given opportunity to turn their lives to the source of life. That would be a good seed.
“But those who are abiding in Christ will meet unbelievers as He met them, refusing to be drawn from their allegiance, but always ready to speak a word in season, always ready to sow the seeds of truth. -“E.G. White CH p.252
Our seeds could be in words or in kind and deed. God is the source of good seeds and abiding in Him will help us become better stewards.
I pray that my daily encounters will leave a trail of good seeds for Christ’s sake.

By A. Eliamani


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