Loliondo Potion

The world is crazy for physical healing, people would go anywhere, travel any distance, spend any amount of money, do anything no matter how crazy it may sound to receive healing. Need for physical healing is what has caused many independent ministries of all kinds to flourish and become source of income and wealth for a few canning individuals. They are taking advantage of people’s ignorance as an opportunity to become wealthy.

Few years ago in Loliondo-Tanzania appeared a man who claimed he could heal any disease with a single cup of herbal drink. He claimed that concoction, which only he knew what it was, taken from his hand is able to heal all ailments. His fame swept not only east Africa but even the world. People flocked by day and by night queued for days sometimes before they could get to the cup. Many died on their way to the cup others while waiting and others on their way back home. Some even died after getting home. There is no established fact of anyone being cured through this potion, there is no testimony of healing through this cup instead some threatened to sue him.

Among those who went for the potion were; Christians, prominent political leaders, business people of all caliber, renowned people. What was wrong with these people? Probably two things were wrong with them: The first is one is their lack of knowledge about the true source of healing. Knowing the Savior and closely understanding his way would expose one to how and why he does. Being in harmony with God is to understand that His will and our faith in Him go hand in hand.

When Jesus resurrected Lazarus and others or healed people with demon possession or leprosy or any other disease, was so that the healed would recognize Him as resurrection and the Life. It is not about getting well and continue with sinful life style that would end us in eternal death, the healing should be the source of eternal well-being. It should strengthen our faith in Him and His mission for us sinners, then only the physical healing would become meaningful and would have accomplished its purpose.

The second reason for the Loliondo rush was desperation. People will go anywhere to seek a physical relief from their desperate conditions; to add a few days, months or years in their suffering world. Instead of seeking God who will relieve their suffering for eternity. The devil has brought counter-relief which is deceptive and meant to fool people into trusting his ways and his means. Many did not care to know the claimed source of healing behind the Loliondo potion. All they cared for was a chance to get healed.

The devil wants us desperate and that will lead us to the unthinkable acts which are in harmony with his plan for us. In such conditions many would rationalize their acts to justify their healing.

By A.Eliamani


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