Your Tomorrow

I like my weekends where I do not have to go to work and worry about many work related issues. Often I have dreaded the new week and anxious about how things will turn out that week. I have in time, learned to surrender such anxieties to God and let him take care of the unknown. I know there are many in my position, dreading the next day or the next week, they wish tomorrow does not come or that they can avoid it. It is hard to face such days and the pressure can bring one into poor health due to stress. On the other hand there are those who have such confidence about tomorrow that they feel in control of their days and months and years ahead of them. Is as if they own life! These two extremes are not good for us and God’s word has guidance for us on such.

Now listen, you who say, “Today or tomorrow we will go to such and such a town, stay there a year, conduct business, and make money.” You do not know what tomorrow will bring. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes. Instead you should say, “If the Lord wants us to, we will live—and do this or that.” (James 4:13-15 [ISV])

Are you really in control of tomorrow? Is life under your control? The answer is NO. we cannot be sure of tomorrow many have done great things hoping to enjoy their success but did not live to enjoy their hard labor, their investments, their wealth or even their education achievements.

“You do not know what tomorrow brings” life is compared to a mist which is momentarily. The above text says that “if the Lord wants” this text reminds us who is in charge of life. The logic would have it that one who controls life should be given a total control of our aspirations and plans for the coming days and years. If God is in agreement with our plans or rather given control of our plans and life in general then there is nothing to fear for the future. Many are unable to make definite plans for the future. Their life is unsettled. They cannot discern the outcome of affairs, and this often fills them with anxiety and unrest. Let us remember that the life of God’s children in this world is a pilgrim life. We have not wisdom to plan our own lives. It is not for us to shape our future.” –E. G. White (Help In Daily Living)

What then can we do? PREPARE -We have today that can be used for preparations and plan our future. Problem however is how that should be done. Many think they are preparing for the future by doing their own will instead of seeking God’s will for them. Successful preparations are invested in Christ Jesus not worldly investments. We are told to go to the ants and learn from them Proverbs 6:6-8. We should live aware of tomorrow and even better aware of who holds tomorrow. “The Lord has made every provision for our happiness in the future life..” – E.G. White (1SM)

We have nothing to fear for the future, except as we shall forget the way the Lord has led us, and His teaching in our past history. –E. G. White {LS 196.2} The above statement has been a source of strength for me and has given me hope. Since God has been with me in the past I can be sure of him doing even more for my future. We exist in God’s purpose therefore we need to submit to his will his guidance and his plans. The rest will be for him to take care.

So again, how is your tomorrow?

By A. Eliamani


One thought on “Your Tomorrow

  1. true meaning of life is one founded in God Almighty, He created us,let’s adore Him that’s all our duty in life today, tomorrow and the rest of our life.

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