Proverbs 12:2 A good man obtaineth favour of the Lord: but a man of wicked devices will he condemn.

Favor is not a bad thing after all. In the world today, favor is associated to corruption, undeserving; it is looked upon negatively but that is not how favor is considered with God! In the bible I see God favoring people as a reward for their love for him, their faithfulness or even their obedience. This favor comes as a token of God’s acknowledgement to peoples’ conducts or for their status with Him. God delights in those who honor Him and extends his favor to them. Such examples are many in the bible, let me enlist you a few; Luke 1:30 “Mary was told thou has found favor with God”, 1 Sam 2: 26 “And the child Samuel grew on, and was in favour both with the Lord, and also with men.” Gen 39:21 “But the Lord was with Joseph, and shewed him mercy, and gave him favour in the sight of the keeper of the prison.”

Moses, Abraham, David and others recognized that what they ask of God will be granted as God’s favor to them as they began their asking with “if I have found favor with you” or “in your sight..” besides the humility in those words, you find their understanding of God. “By rebellion and apostasy man forfeited the favor of God; not his rights, for he could have no value except as it was invested in God’s dear Son. This point must be understood. He forfeited those privileges which God in His mercy presented him as a free gift, a treasure in trust to be used to advance His cause and His glory, to benefit the beings He had made. The moment the workmanship of God refused obedience to the laws of God’s kingdom, that moment he became disloyal to the government of God and he made himself entirely unworthy of all the blessings wherewith God had favored him”. E.G.White. (Faith and Works)

God’s grace is a free gift which comes as a reward to those who are obedient to him it was freely offered to us and now all we need to do is to believe in Christ who died for us in order to make that grace available and then be obedient to his will. Not all will receive and benefit from this reward of grace because of their choice to reject Christ and disobey God.

The basic favor of life and the abundant blessing of life is simply meant to provide us with opportunities and reminders of his greatest favor of redeeming us from the sin helplessness back to the  original state – before sin.

God’s favor is also driven by His love for man, he delivered the children of Israel from bondage to the Promised Land, the place of restoration and renewal and freedom. They did not earn that favor but for their forefather’s sake, for their forefather’s faithfulness and commitment to God, they inherit the promised Canaan for their inheritance. “He cautions them not to have the least thought of their own righteousness, as if that procured this favor at God’s hand. In Christ we have both righteousness and strength; in Him we must glory, not in ourselves, nor in any sufficiency of our own.” – MHC commentary on Deut 9:1-6 God’s favor to Israel was in turn his disapproval or disfavor to the Canaanites; although Israelites were also stubborn and rebellious that was their sinful nature work yet God had favored them to be His light bearer to the world.

Think twice about the privileges and opportunities God has made available to you, it is not by chance it is by design – God’s favor.

By A. Eliamani


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