There are many reasons why God first and I will present to you bit by bit in our posts one reason after another and it will amaze you to think of the many reasons why we must choose God the creator over other things or other gods. The Psalmist says;

“I sought the LORD, and he heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.” (Ps 34:4 [KJV]) The God who made heaven and earth, who made you and me is interested in all His creation and attends to it. Mankind is even of greater attention in all his creation because was made in God’s image. Our creator listens to us, it is a God of communication he talks but he also listens. ‘He heard me’ here is not only mere audibility but one which is followed by an action or response. We do not need not to have a special status to communicate with heaven, in fact the worse considered state of sinfulness would evoke His quick attention when called upon.

Ask yourself the following questions:

How many other gods can hear and respond with genuine interest in the affairs of mankind? Even if they could hear what would interest those gods when they had not even created us other that causing us even greater pain than already caused? What claim do they have over us? What do they (those other gods) want from us?

While the Creator is interested in restoring its own creation, the other gods (invented by the master deceiver – the devil) is claiming what they do not own in order to destroy. No wonder the bible calls Satan thief; stealing what he did not create or own.

That aspect of being heard by God meant much to David. THE ALMIGHTY GOD OF THE UNIVERSE LISTENING AND TAKING INTEREST IN A FALLEN CREATURE! Man represents God thus necessitating a huge heavenly sacrifice to restore the purposeful image to its original state, after all with this God there is a deep rooted attachment. Praise be to the Creator God one who indeed cares for our wellbeing now and for eternity. I can tell him my heart’s desires and be sure of His attention with interest what an awesome GOD we have. It is this God you must choose for all good things now and forever.

Further reading: Exodus 2:24, Numbers 20:16, Ps 120:1, Daniel 10:12, Jonah 2:2, Matt. 9:10-13, John 3:16, Revelation 1:5; 3:9, John 8:42-44, Malachi 3:11, 1Peter 5:8


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