Let none cheat you that career or money or family or anything matters if Christ is not give the first place in our lives. If you read the chapter clearly you will see that people were looking for things of the world things that are not important are there today and not tomorrow, in fact they are things that God has provided except that none cared to appreciate God’s goodness in our daily providence.  God has provided graciously to all and yet we struggle looking for more while we have the provided. There is more where that came from but first we need to seek that God of all things and he will keep providing to ensure we lack nothing. “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” Matt. 6:33. God knows we need money, food, education, jobs and all other necessities in life BUT Choosing other ways of getting our needs is the harder way and it ends in disappointments. The easy way is to go straight to the owner of them and we are guaranteed the rest. What a wonderful God.

The flip side is that we tend to seek for more than basic, we desire more and more each time we are never satisfied because the nature of sin is self and it keeps craving for more. I saw recently on TV a 35 years man weighing 490 pounds offered a program to reduce his weight. He began well and reduced significantly and was left to continue with the program but the moment he was left alone he went back to the junk food he craved knowing it will draw him back but could not resist. This young man was actually dying he knew he needed a change but his self desire and craving for goodies proved tougher than his own life.

“The better we take up with plain things, and the less we seek things to gratify pride and luxury, the nearer we approach to innocency. Nature is content with a little, and that which is most natural; grace with less; but lust craves every thing, and is content with nothing. No delights can be satisfying to the soul, but those which God himself has provided and appointed for it.” – Matthew Henry’s Concise Commentary. David may have known the addiction of self gratification so he said “Seek the Lord, and his strength: seek his face evermore.” Psalms 105: 3, 4



5 thoughts on “FIRST THINGS FIRST

  1. This power of choice is to be our only basis for our end, condemnation and loss or eternal life in bliss with joyful memories. How unfortunate that we frequently choose basing on circumstances, friends, and selfish gains! He shall live forever who chooses God from principle.

  2. True indeed. Many a times we seek the material things of the world and even get so much stressed when we can’t have them. During these times we forget prayers, and find ourselves drifting away from God who owns the things that our herats desire! May God teach us to always seek Him even in our inadequacy. Thanks for this insight.

    1. It is clearly depicted from the pen of inspiration that”for we brought nothing into this world it is certain that we can carry anything out…Job said that nake we came and nake will go back.

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